Interviewed by Nintendo Life, Shantae lead designer, Matt Bozon talks about his recent project and the Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s a clip from the interview:

Nintendo Life: Have you had a chance to see Nintendo’s 3DS system in person and if so, what did you think of it and do you have any desire to develop for it?

Matt Bozon: We love the 3DS! And I’m happy to say that we’re working on multiple titles as we speak. I can’t describe how incredibly cool this system is. Unlike Virtual Boy (which I love by the way), the Nintendo 3DS displays the third dimension beautifully without compromising comfort, graphics, or portability.

In the Nintendogs and Cats demo, when the dog gets all licky on the glass, you can actually stick your face into the dog’s face and go nuts. And that is every man’s dream. If they include a “Virtual Virtual Boy” so I can play VB Wario Land again, I’ll be super stoked!

boy and his blob

Full interview

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