During a Q & A session with Nintendo of Europe, Warren Spector gave his thoughts about the Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s a portion of that interview:

NoE: Finally, what do you think about the Nintendo 3DS?

Warren Spector: At E3, as I was watching the Nintendo 3DS part of the press conference my jaw got progressively closer and closer to the ground – mid way through I just started standing up and cheering!

3D? Very cool. Glasses-free 3D? Thank you! And then it’s a 3D camera and you can watch 3D movies without glasses! I knew nothing about that stuff and at that point I was going, “I want the first one off the line, I want to own this now.” It’s amazing, I mean, how can such things be? It’s a little miracle.

Disney has a culture of innovation that goes back 80 years and Nintendo has a culture of innovation. The two companies need to be working together, because their corporate cultures are so similar – and that is instantly apparent in the Nintendo 3DS.

Warren Spector


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