Warren Spector, Junction Point’s creative director, gives an interview to Gameinformer at Gamescom. He discusses a variety of topics, including his thoughts on 3D gaming and the character of Mickey.

An excerpt from that interview:

Q: Right after E3, you blogged about the 3DS and you seemed quite excited about it. Now that you’ve had time to process what you saw with that technology and presumably have had more time with it, have your opinions solidified?

Warren Spector: I’m as excited about that device as I was at E3. If anything, I’m even more excited. True 3D with no glasses, great visual quality, adjustable so every human can see 3D—c’mon, it’s a fantastic little thing. I go on Amazon pretty much every day just to see if they’re taking preorders yet. The day they do, I’m clicking “buy.” I love the thing. I think it’s great.

Q: As a game designer, how do you approach 3D? What does that allow you to do—theoretically, of course—that you can’t do otherwise on traditional displays? Is it just a nice visual bonus, or can you do things mechanically that would be impossible before?

Spector: The coolest thing about the 3DS and about stereoscopic 3D without glasses is that I have no idea what I would do. I would never say that game development is a solved problem. With movies, the position of the sprocket wheels hasn’t changed for 100 years, right? Making movies is a solved problem; it’s just about creating compelling content. Game design and development is not yet a solved problem, but it’s pretty close. I pretty well know how to start, what kinds of games I want to make, kind of how to make them, and how long it takes, and what sort of people you need. And then I think about what impact is stereoscopic 3D going to have on what I do for a living, and I go, ‘No idea.’

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