On Nintendojo, we hear about comments that were made regarding first-person shooter games for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

In an e-mail interview, director, Jools Watsham, tells how he feels about FPS titles:

“I am delighted to not hear of any FPS titles announced. I am sure Activision already has its sights on a 3DS Call of Duty title, but I don’t expect the FPS genre to be overcrowded for a little while at least. Like you said, this leaves a big opening for developers who may be so inclined to develop such a genre …”

In another e-mail chat, president, Dan O’Leary, and creative director, Ted Newman, give their views:

“[n-Space] would love to be a part of that [making first-person shooters for 3DS]. n-Space, in general, has been a big believer in the DS as a great machine for first-person shooters — the 3DS even more so. When you combine new features like the 3D display and the analog stick with the existing touch-screen mechanics and the added power of the system, the potential to create an amazing first-person shooter on the 3DS is high.”


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