From the War Pipe, we get an interesting quote about what Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Morgan, thinks is in store for the Nintendo 3DS.

“I think Nintendo is so focused on introducing a revolutionary console, they missed the opportunity to iterate the existing console and hold off the competition. Microsoft and Sony have released six or seven improved versions of their consoles, while Nintendo has done none this cycle.

By the time Nintendo figures out its future console, it will be too far behind in online multiplayer to capture more share from its competitors, and it may see its share erode if Kinect and Move cause Wii owners to upgrade.

On the handheld side, I see the 3DS as truly revolutionary, but expect Apple to copy it and improve the design with a 3D iPod, and to again begin to erode Nintendo’s first mover advantage. Nintendo has iterated its handhelds frequently, and may succeed in holding Apple at bay; it will be interesting to watch.” – Michael Pachter

Only time will tell about this theory.

Michael Pachter


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