andriasang gives a rundown of the interview between Yousuke Hayashi, Team Ninja head, and Inside Games regarding the Nintendo 3DS game, Deal or Alive Dimensions. Talking about his first experience with the 3DS, Hayashi mentions that he wasn’t told of the 3D feature before he actually tried it. Before this though, he did feel that the handheld was possible to handle fighting games. He stated:

“I’ve thought from before that there was great potential for fighting games played on a portable game machine. However, the reality was that there was no hardware that matched this. When I first saw the 3DS, I felt that with this performance, it could be done.”

In regards to screen depth, he pointed out:

“It’s a method for showing things realistically.”

Although, there wasn’t a release date for Dimensions mentioned in the interview, he did say that things were going smoothly with the development of the game. Sounds like it could be released sooner than later.

Dead or Alive Dimensions

Full interview

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