At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra spoke with Team Ninja’s head of development about what it’s like to develop for the Nintendo 3DS, and by the sounds of things they’re really enjoying the experience. The team is currently working on “Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the upcoming system, and say that the 3DS is actually easy to develop for, and that they’re trying to figure out how to best implement the 3D effects into their game.

They also think the Nintendo 3DS will be a catalyst in making 3D an everyday experience:

“Up until now, 3D [in games] has not been an everyday experience. We think that with the 3DS, this will be the first time that anybody can get a 3D experience just about anywhere. It’ll be just a part of everyday life. So we’re trying to put out a 3D fighting game and see how that goes, and learn from that experience. We’ll go from there to see where 3D should go, and how we can use 3D to make a deeper experience in the future.”

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Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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