We get this quote from an article posted on Nintendo 3DS Blog. It seems, in their view, that Target Shooting for the Nintendo 3DS has the potential of being a big success for the new system.

“Nintendo clearly believes that Target Shooting is going to be a huge hit. Bundling the game with the system, and building it into the operating system itself is a big move that they wouldn’t risk if they had any reservation about its potential. With the challenges of marketing 3D content, Nintendo needs a word-of-mouth magnet like Wii Sports that propels the 3DS to success among the casual gaming market. This is their intention with Target Shooting and from what we have seen of the game, I think we’re in for that great feeling of “woah, this is just so damn cool” like we had back when we loaded up Wii Tennis for the first time.”

Target-Shooting 3DS


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