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Here is another trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise.

Lots of new images of the Nintendo 3DS game, One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 3DS, have been revealed.

One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 3DS

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There has been some more news released about One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP:

  • the 3DS version to have an extra episode called Marineford mode
  • Luffy and the crew attempt to rescue Portags D. Ace in Marineford mode
  • two new characters announced are Marco and Jozu
  • there is also a boss rush mode
  • in stores April 7


One Piece


Some new features have been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP.

Here are some details:

  • new characters: Hancock and Ivankov
  • new stylus-based gimmicks
  • control your pick axe with the stylus
  • release date: April 7

3DS One Piece


Reported on andriasang is news about Namco Bandai’s One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP for the Nintendo 3DS. This will be a port of two titles on one cartridge.

The action will take place on the top screen and item selections will be on the bottom screen. Spring 2011 is set as the release date, which possibly could be coinciding with the launch of the new system.

This week’s Jump Festa will be showing a trailer of the game in a 3D Theater at one of their booths.

Unlimited Cruise