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If you’re curious as to what Mii Studio for the Nintendo 3DS is all about, here a quick summary for you.

Simply put, Mii Studio is a way of bringing the well-known Wii caricatures to the portable realm –  a new way to create and customize Mii’s on the Nintendo 3DS. Apart from Mii’s now being in 3D, Mii Studio allows players to take a picture of their own face and see an interpreted likeness in Mii-form, which can then be tweaked and adjusted to one’s liking. All the basic options will be back as well, such as changing hair style, skin, eyes, etc.

Another new feature will be the ability to convert Mii’s to QR form. The 3DS will generate the QR code and Mii picture data which can then be output to an SD card. One suggested use for this is to place your Mii or its QR code on your home page.

3DS owners will also have access to StreetPass Mii Plaza. When you have StreetPass mode active and pass another 3DS owner with the mode also active, your Mii will be exchanged. Received Mii’s will then appear in your StreetPass Mii Plaza. An icon next to these Mii’s will show what game the previous owner last played. You’ll also be able to find out when the StreetPass took place and how many people that person has used StreetPass with.

Mii Plaza on Nintendo 3DS


We’ve learned that for the first time we’ll be able to create and view Mii’s on a Nintendo portable system with Mii Studio on the Nintendo 3DS. Check out the first video footage of the application, courtesy of gonintendo: