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Coming from Capcom-unity, Legends 3 director, Eguchi, gives us some insight on Mega Man Legends 3 and their MT Framework.

“By the by, it bears mentioning that Mega Man Legends 3 will be developed using Capcom’s pride-and joy MT Framework! To explain it simply, MT Framework is Capcom’s exclusive game engine. To put it even more simply, it’s sort of a set of “high-performance game-making tools” we at Capcom developed ourselves (although to be more accurate, it’s something else). Sort of a tricky subject, but I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to have the programmers tell you a little more about all that in the future.”

Mega Man Legends 3 heroineLink

More updates from Mega Man Legend 3’s Dev Room are reported on Capcom-unity. We get detailed descriptions about the island, the city, and the townspeople.

Klickelan Island

An island with a giant underground ruin. At its center sits the prosperous Teomo City. It was originally uninhabited, but once the underground ruin was discovered, a large number of diggers and merchants who dealt in what the diggers found began to gather. The history of the island goes back about 100 years, with the current generation of diggers carrying on the tradition their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers started.

Teomo City

A city of diggers, it’s always abustle with the daily lives of the people who live there. Trucks run busily to and fro, and the sound of metalwork from the city factory is carried on the wind all throughout. Kids frolic and play in the city square while housewives catch up on the latest at the local well on their way home from grocery shopping.


Most of the families on this island are diggers that go back one or even two generations, so they feel a deep connection to their city, and get along with one another very well. Those who feel the strong tug of adventure can be a little feisty and get into fights at times, but they mean little ill-intent. There are also many open-minded people on the island. Diggers are always on danger’s doorstep when they’re out on the job, so adults on the island are also always ready to take action to help families of diggers out when they meet with the unexpected.

Mega Man Legends 3-townspeople


With the new heroine of Mega Man Legends 3 already announced, we’re now learning some more details about her including a name and some early design info. Pretty cool stuff!

Check it out in the Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Room.

Aero from Mega Man Legends 3

Capcom has announced the winner of their Heroine design contest for the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. With a total vote count of 23,163 and out of nine entries, the winner is…

Mega Man Legends 3 heroineThis design by Shinsuke Komaki received the most votes and will appear in the game. Interestingly, Keiji Inafune’s design finished last, in 9th place. The Capcom Unity Devroom blog also mentions that the game development community “Legends Dev Room” will be going live soon.

Now that the new heroine has been chosen, fans will get a peak into her implementation into the game with features such as rough drafts and early-stage artwork. Pretty cool stuff!


Details of a very interesting interview with Tatsuya Kitabayashi, producer of Mega Man Legends 3, has surfaced on Protodude’s Rockman Corner. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Capcom is well aware of the demand for the original voice cast to return, namely Rob Smith (Teisel Bonne). They want to involve these voice actors in some way but will be revealing more details about this soon.
  • The game’s story is still in development; nothing is set in stone. However, Kitabayashi did confirm the game will continue after the events of Legends 2; he promises we won’t be left hanging. On a related note, Capcom is considering having fans that are writers come up with “episodes” for the game. (Episodes? First time we’ve heard about that…)
  • Kitabayashi couldn’t talk about how big of a role the new heroine will have but alluded that she’s just as important as Roll and Tron.
  • The game will utilize the 3DS touch screen; wouldn’t divulge how it would be used. Bear in mind, the touch screen does not support 3D.
  • The character designs have improved since ten years ago, but they’re still the same characters you all know and love. Capcom will actually be releasing images of the cast very soon.
  • Yes, Tron and the Servbots are back. Kitabayashi (jokingly) said there might be more Servbots this time around…

Full article

IGN has posted a nice video summary with footage from the “World of Capcom” panel at Comic Con 2010 in New York. In the video Inafune talks all about Mega Man Legends 3 and the unprecedented level of fan involvement with the title.

Check it out:

Mega Man Legends 3 Project

The Mega Man Network has posted some details about the new heroine in Mega Man Legends 3.  The info apparently comes from the Rockman DASH 3 development blog, and was translated by one of their readers. Here’s the description:

  • Lilly (temporary name) new heroin 14 year old girl
  • Final design to be decided
  • Calls herself “Watashi” (temporary)
  • Seeking stimulation she hangs out with ____, and is the idol of her teammates.
  • A nice gap between a somewhat defiant attitude and a cute look. Slightly shorter than Roll and Tron.
  • She doesn’t have any specific skills, but is very bright and positive. She acts without thinking and her constant carelessness really stands out.  She also isn’t very knowledgable about many things.
  • Because of her expectations of _____ and those teammates, she is very frustrated about the idecisiveness of ____.
  • Her heart races when she encounters ____ who/which takes tremendous action and charge.
  • She volunteers to _____’s operation, but unlike Roll, she is very uncertain. Everytime she makes a careless mistake, ___ gets very angry, but she is soothed by the team members.


  • Alright, I’ll operate as best I can!
  • Crush the two teams!
  • Didn’t I say that _____ was dangerous!?
  • I’m not leaving without _____!

Which of the designs will be chosen? If you haven’t already voted, there’s still a chance to have your say!

Megaman Legends 3 for Nintendo 3DS - Heroine choices


Mega Man Legends 3 Project

We’re learning more about Mega Man Legends 3 from this year’s New York Comic Con. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information is that we now know why the game has “Project” in its title. In front of a captive audience at the show, Keiji Inafune informed everyone that the game will be a collaborative experience between the developers and the fan community!

That’s right – fans will be able to provide input into the development of the game by submitting ideas for things like bosses, characters, and even gameplay. In the future, there will even be an opportunity to possibly participate in the game’s voice-overs.

The Capcom Unity website’s “Dev Room” area will be updated as more chances for input become available. The first challenge has already been added, which lets fans vote for the next heroine in the Mega Man Legends series. Nine different artists, including Inafune himself, have created their own designs.

I think this is a great way to get fans back into the series. It’s not very often developers work this closely with fans during the process of game development!

Mega Man Legends 3 - Heroine vote

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