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Check out some video footage of Hollywood 61 from this year’s E3 floor. While we can’t see the 3D effect, you can get a good sense of the graphical capabilities of the 3DS.

Here is another set of Hollywood 61 impressions from the recent 3DS London event. The game definitely sounds like it has potential. Let’s hope Ubisoft doesn’t miss the boat on this one. I think the key is that they make good use of the device’s 3D capabilities by effectively incorporating the effects into the game’s puzzles.

Impressions here

Hollywood 61 for Nintendo 3DS

The ONM Blog has posted some impressions of their time with Ubisoft’s Hollwood 61 at the 3DS showcase in London this week. Described as a mystery puzzle game with possibly some Twin Peaks type styling, the demo has you solving a couple of puzzles, for example by using the stylus to light up a room using mirrors to reflect light.

By the sounds of it, there isn’t too much more to the demo at this point in time, but at least the game’s art style got a positive mention.

Full impressions

Although IGN’s impression of Hollywood 61 is a little less inspiring than other games we have heard about, they do say that not all graphics were disappointing, and some were actually quite stunning.

They say this puzzle-based mystery game has an unflattering first showing after trying out the demo of one of the mini-games. It appears that it falls short when it comes to using the 3DS’s features, which is really too bad considering what they have to play with. But viewing a demo may not be an accurate reflection on the game as a whole, so who knows what the overall reaction will be. After all, there are 150 puzzles.

So the general take on this game is that it could very well be worthwhile. I’m sure we’ll get more feedback after the game is released.

Article has posted a roundup of hand-on impressions of the following 3DS titles:

  • Nintendogs and Cats
  • Pilotwings
  • Hollywood 61

There’s also a nice video clip to check out too, where they take a closer look at the 3DS device.

Article here