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From Jools Watsham’s Blog we get some interesting facts about the Face Kart game for the Nintendo 3DS.

“The Austin Chronicle posted an article about Face Kart, here, saying “Turn off the 3D and play the game by tilting the handheld system. Amazingly, the screen tilts as you turn so the game world always looks right-side up. A small detail that makes all the difference.” Some folks have taken this as meaning that Face Kart is not a 3D game or that we encourage players to turn the 3D effect off for some “artistic” reason. This is incorrect.

First off, the stereo 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS is amazing. It’s magic. I have been lucky enough to spend each day for the past several months ogling at the wonder of its stereo 3D power, and I love it. Oh, and my eyes are still fine btw. : ) Face Kart fully supports the 3D effect – and it looks fantastic. However, the stereo 3D effect tends to get displaced when tilting the 3DS unit to the side (like a steering wheel). For this reason, having the 3D effect on while the tilt-steering option is active can make it difficult to view the 3D effect properly if the unit is tilted too far. Therefore, the tilt-steering control option works best with 3D turned off. Tilt-steering is a lot of fun, and it feels great to turn your 3DS like a steering wheel. If you want to fully experience the amazing 3D effect that the game has to offer, you’ll want to stick with the default standard Circle Pad control option instead”.

Renegade Kid


Reported on Nintendo Life, due for release this September, Renegade Kid’s Face Kart: Photo Finish can be check out at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas next week.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Developed by Renegade Kid, Face Kart: Photo Finish lets players tilt and turn the Nintendo 3DS to steer their photo customized speedsters through 20 unique race tracks, as they drift around corners, soar over chasms and speed past the competition. Players use the Nintendo 3DS camera to snap their own picture and then map it onto their avatar, the landscape or even a turbo boost so they can pick up their very own power-ups as they race. Each avatar offers up to one hundred choices in hair, clothing and eyewear, plus cars can also be customized by tuning and tweaking to create the ultimate personalized racer.

In this game, players tilt and turn their 3DS to control their racers which can be customized by taking their own photo and attaching them. There will be hundreds of choices of clothing, hair, and glasses.

Face Kart


In a press release today, it was announced that Renegade Kid will be releasing a Nintendo 3DS title called “Face Kart: Photo Finish”. The game will apparently utilize the 3DS’ motion and gyro capabilities and have players tilting and turning the device to steer customized ‘speedsters’ through 20 different tracks.

As the title suggests, a main feature of the game is that players will be able to use the Nintendo 3DS camera to take a photographs and map it onto their avatar, the landscape, or even power-ups on the track.

Avatars in the game will be extremely customizable, with up to one hundred choices of hair, clothes, and eyewear. Cars will also be customizable, allowing players to tune up their rides.

We’ll have more on this interesting title as it is announced. Stay tuned!