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Nintendo 3DS Blog discusses details from an interview with Elder Prince, creator of Eternal Eden, concerning the challenges in remaking a new version for the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS Blog: Why a 3DS-based remake of Eternal Eden?

Elder Prince: … my dream has always been to develop a game on a Nintendo console. The success of EE1 as proof-of-concept is just the first step on the road to fulfilling that dream.

Nintendo 3DS Blog: How far will you be taking this remake? Is it just making it compatible with the 3DS, or will you be reworking the graphics to look similar to Eternal Eden 2 or adding any new game elements?

Elder Prince: Ah, it’s going to be a solid remake! Think of Final Fantasy IV on the SNES and Square-Enix’s newest adaptation of it on the Nintendo DS. That’s that kind of transition I hope to achieve.

Eternal Eden

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As reported on aussie-nintendo, plans are in the works for a remake of Blossomsoft’s PC RPG Eternal Eden.

The storyline involves three kids who are banished from a land of paradise after eating from the forbidden tree. It takes place across two worlds, Light and Dark, each affecting the other. New skills and weapons are obtained on the journey.

eternal eden

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