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Check out the trailer for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, due to be released in the summer.

Atlus’s Manager of Public Relations and Sales, Aram Jabbari, revealed some details of the game:

“With all the additions and enhancements Overclocked will offer Nintendo 3DS owners when it releases this Summer, and considering how Devil Survivor stands as one of the best reviewed Atlus games of all time, one would think we wouldn’t have need to release a teaser trailer. But we’re releasing one anyways and it’s full of teasey goodness, showing off the game’s fully voiced dialogue, new story content, and improved visuals. We tease because we care.”


There is news this week in Famitsu about Atlus’s remake of the DS title, Devil Survivor for the Nintendo 3DS, according to IGN.

It will be given the new game of Devil Survivor Over Clock and will have lots of new features, including a new eighth day scenario. The total number of demons will be brought up to 150 in this new 3DS version of the game and they will appear to jump out of the screen.

The 3DS’s features and higher resolution should make this game very appealing to gamers.

Devil Survivor Over Clock