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The new trailer for Deca Sports 3D has popped up on YouTube. Check it out:

We now know all ten events from Deca Sports Extreme for the Nintendo 3DS. Here is the full list as posted on Siliconera:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Snowball Fight
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Bowling
  • Snowmobile Racing
  • Sport Blowgun
  • Trampoline

Players will be able to perform special moves such as a “giant racket in tennis or a cannon dunk in basketball.” Customization of teams will also be an option.

Look for this title in the Summer of 2011.

Deca Sports 3D-Sumo-Trampoline


It looks like the 3DS version of Deca Sports has a new name: Deca Sports Extreme. We also have a few new screenshots as well.

Deca Sports Extreme for Nintendo 3DS

Deca Sports Extreme for Nintendo 3DS

Deca Sports Extreme for Nintendo 3DS


We get an update from Nintendo 3DS Blog about Deca Sports 3D. There has been some new games added to the game: basketball, bowling, ice hockey, snowball fight, snowmobile racing, and target shooting.

Check out some of the most recent screenshots below:

Deca Sports 3D
Article has revealed more details about Deca Sports 3DS – the characters in sumo wrestling will not be as big as sumo wrestlers as we know them, but will be wearing fat suits.

The players will smack and grab opponents hoping to increase their strength. Weakened wrestlers may get tossed out of the ring.

Deca Sports 3DS -sumo wrestling


We get a look at new screenshots of Deca Sports for the Nintendo 3DS on Siliconera. They report that it will have ten sports:

  • soccer
  • sumo wrestling
  • tennis
  • trampoline
  • basketball
  • bowling
  • snowmobile racing
  • possibly ice hockey
  • two others not yet known

Deca Sports 3D Soccer


Deca Sports 3DS-2


To add to their already announced lineup for the 3DS, according to Siliconera, Hudson will be bringing out more titles. Scheduled for Spring next year are Kororinpa series, Deca Sports Extreme, and Omega Five. Sometime in 2011, we should expect to see Bomberman, Bonk, and Tetris.

omega five