According to 1up, a survey conducted by Famitsu Magazine gives us some ideas as to how Japanese gamers feel about the Nintendo 3DS. Here are a few details that came out of the survey:

51.3% of gamers said the 25,000 price point is “fair considering the 3DS’s abilities,” a figure that went up to 60.6% for retailers.

If you think about it as purchasing a 3D camera, it’s almost too cheap,” one user told Famitsu, while another wasn’t so sure: “Looking at the Nintendo DS’s main user base, I think they needed to keep it under 20,000.”

A few retailers, however, were even more apprehensive: “I think this is just about the right price point, but we’re not going to see one 3DS in every home that way. I think the fact it’s costlier than the Wii [Japan retail price: 20,000 yen, or $244] is going to give a lot of people pause. It’s an appropriate price, but if customers don’t see the value of the system’s capabilities, they’re going to think it’s too expensive.”

When asked about the February 26 release date, 52.7% of gamers said the launch timeframe is “later than expected,” an assertion 55.6% of retailers agreed with. “I figured there was no way they’d get it out before the end of the year considering the massive launch library they’ve announced,” one user told Famitsu

Overall, 55% of pollees said they planned to buy a 3DS, with over a third not sure yet.

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