A few more details have come to light about what we can expect from Super Street Fighter IV 3DS.

It sounds as if the game will include multiple control modes: touch and traditional. Touch will likely be geared towards those new to the franchise who don’t feel completely comfortable with the intricacies of the control stick and buttons layout.

As far as the 3D effects, we can expect it to look as if  the characters were put into a box. This is probably opposed to the ‘popping out’ effect we’ve heard about that isn’t reportedly as effective.

It’s also mentioned that the game will include a surprise that can only be done on the 3DS. Assuming this isn’t the 3D effects, I wonder what else Capcom could have in store for us? Could it be related to the online connectivity? Or how about the motion sensor and gyroscope?

Look for more details in the coming months.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D


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