Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition producer Yoshinori Ono revealed some more information about the game to Famitsu in this week’s issue. We learn that none of the current portable hardware, including PSP, could handle the game they wanted to make. With the 3DS on the horizon, they knew it would be the best fit to experience Street Fighter in portable form.

He didn’t specify exactly how they would utilize the system’s 3D capabilities, but did say that the core gameplay won’t change from the original non-3D version. This is likely a good move, as any changes to incorporate 3D into the actual gameplay could ruin the Street Fighter experience we all know and love.

He also stated that while no balance adjustments will be made, there could be some small control changes to make use of the touch screen and slide pad. He also confirmed that all 35 console warriors will make an appearance, and wireless will be a big part of the game as well. Sounds like this is shaping up to be a great AAA title!

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D

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