There is new information out on a Monkey Fight mode for the upcoming Super Monkey Ball title for Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s what we know about it:

  • In this mode, players attempt to collect as many bananas as possible in a limited time frame
  • You will be able to perform various attacks in order to grab your opponent’s bananas
  • A “Banana Shake” is one type of attack where you shake banana’s loose from your opponent, but will also shake loose a few of your own
  • Falling off the battlefield will lose you a lot of bananas
  • In one scenario, a “Golden Barrel” will appear, and players hit it continuously. The player with the 10th hit will gain a special move
  • Aside from Monkey Fight mode, there will two others: Monkey Ball and Monkey Race

Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo 3DS

More screens here

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