Steel Diver for Nintendo 3DS

A little talked about upcoming Nintendo 3DS game is Steel Diver. As we get closer to the system’s release, we’re finding a little bit more out about what to expect from this interesting-looking title. The game is an underwater submarine adventure, where you guide your submarine to a goal point, while taking out obstacles and enemy ships while avoiding enemy fire.

You control your submarine using the touch screen, and there are sliders for rising, lowering, going forward and reversing. If you center both sliders, you come to a full stop. The game features two modes: submarine mode and periscope mode. In submarine mode, the action takes place from a side perspective.

In Periscope mode, you use your periscope to look around 360 degrees, and then find enemy ships to attack. The periscope sounds like it can be controlled using the 3DS’ gyro-based controls as well as with the slider. If your ship gets hit, it will begin flooding. You can touch damaged parts of your ship to repair them.

From the looks of things, this game could end up being a bit of a sleeper hit. I know I’m definitely interested!

Steel Diver for Nintendo 3DS

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