When Yuji Naka, Sonic creator, was interviewed by CVG last week, he revealed some of his thoughts about the Nintendo 3DS.

Here is a clip from that interview:

“When I saw the 3DS at E3, I guessed it would be around 29,000 or 28,000 mark, but when it came out at 25,000 it was quite a bit lower than I expected. Compared to what it can do and the functionality it provides it is a very fair price I think… it’s very interesting, a great machine. Apart from the gaming functions I like the communication functions and at the same time as a creator I definitely want to do something using the platform.”

“Given the opportunity I’d like to come up with a new game for the 3DS, not just Ivy the Kiwi but something completely new. That’s what is great about the 3DS and what it deserves.”

Yuji Naka

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