Sega has announced that it is ramping up production for the Nintendo 3DS and is in the midst of creating at least six titles for the new system. Andriasang is reporting that the games are expected to hit the platform by the end of fiscal year 2011, or March 31, 2012.

We only know about two of these games so far: Super Monkey Ball 3D and Sonic. No details have been released on the latter either. As for the 3D installment of Super Monkey Ball, it is said to offer a more direct approach to controls via the new Slide Pad of the 3DS, as well as its motion sensor.

The game will also take advantage of the device’s wireless communication with two modes: Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. Both of these are returns of existing modes from previous installments.

Look for Super Monkey Ball 3D in the launch window of the 3DS, sometime in Spring 2011.

Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo 3DS


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