In a recent interview with siliconera, Samurai Warriors: Chronicle producer Hisashi Koinuma revealed a few new bits of information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. It looks like the game will have two user-created heroes as its focal point. There is also a new “change” system planned, allowing players to switch between generals on the field.

Some interview snippets:

“One of the largest ones is the Hero Warrior. In traditional Samurai Warriors titles, players chose one historical warrior and followed what he or she had experienced. In Chronicles, players create a hero warrior as themselves to experience their own history, and getting to know, bonding with or fighting against other various warriors.”

“Players can choose up to four controlling characters and change who to control by touching the bottom screen. For example, if you are given a mission to defeat a warrior at the upper left of the field when you are at the bottom right, you can change the controlling warrior by touching the screen and easily fulfill the mission. It will add new elements of strategic fun that could never be experienced in traditional Warriors titles…”

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