We haven’t really heard much talk about what WarioWare would be like on the 3DS, but it really is one of the most obvious titles that would make for a perfect 3D iteration. Nintendo’s Yoshio Sakamoto, who has worked on previous WarioWare titles, recently talked about the possibility of WarioWare one day hitting the 3DS:

“With WarioWare you have to take full advantage of the new hardware, but it also has a pretty strong personality. I should think about that new WarioWare that probably would have to come for the Nintendo 3DS and try to add some freshness to the series without losing its personality”

WarioWare is one of those games that loves to innovate. We’ve seen the game include a gyroscope in the cartridge for WarioWare: Twisted!, ask us to hold the Wii remote every which way in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and make use of the DS’ camera in WarioWare: Snapped.

Just imagine what the WarioWare team could do on the 3DS – with its 3D effects, gyroscope, motion sensor, and slide pad! It’s inevitable that we’ll see a version of the game on the 3DS, and with WarioWare’s tendency to launch close to the release of new hardware, we may just see the game sooner than later!


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