From Siliconera, we get news that Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Rune Factory series producer, spoke of the possibility of Marvelous creating a Rune Factory game for the Nintendo 3DS.

He stated:

“There are certainly a lot of different things I could think of wanting to add. Since it’d be in 3D, I’d want to make it feel as if you are actually walking through this fantasy world. I’d want to make farming a more realistic, 3D experience. Dating would have scenes entirely in 3D.

I really can’t think of going one-by-one here; I know I’d want to go at it and put a lot of different things in. Of course, if you’d like to see these things, please give Rune Factory 3 a try! If Rune Factory 3 succeeds in the West, it makes it a lot easier for us to consider making a new game in the future. I really hope you enjoy it!”

Considering that they have Harvest Moon already in the works, this could be a big possibility.

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