From Nintendo 3DS, we hear about Capcom’s announcement of two new games. There is no mention of what system they are for but, considering the timing of this statement, there is a good chance they are for the Nintendo 3DS. With the games, Resident Evil: Revelations and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition, already being announced, we can only guess at what else could be in the line-up.

We are only hours away from knowing the truth about this type of speculation. Tomorrow we’ll finally get the big news coming from Nintendo themselves.

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On the Neogaf forum, gamers are talking about the article in the German newspaper, BILD, published Sunday, reporting that the launch date for the Nintendo 3DS will be November 11 in Japan. Also, it mentions that Europe will be seeing it in Q1 next year with Mario Kart, Zelda OoT, and Professor Layton as launch games. It evens gives the price point as being 200€.

Many believe these details could very well be speculation, knowing the reputation of the newspaper. It won’t be long now before we all know what the actual details are.

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According to Nintendo 3DS, there is a rumor circulating about the buttons on the upcoming 3DS being backlit. They state that this information is reliable and comes from someone working for a major developer.

There are some clues indicating the probable truth of this report, including it’s becoming a standard for handhelds and the buttons have white markings (suitable to backlighting).

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Nintendo3DSblog is reporting that Nintendo’s Dutch website had Paper Mario’s 3DS release date listed as March 25, 2011. ‘Had’ is the operative word here, as the page has since been taken down from the site. Since Paper Mario has not been confirmed as a launch title, this date is really only applicable to the game at this point. There’s nothing to say the Nintendo 3DS system can’t release earlier than March 25.

However, if it turns out Nintendo launches the 3DS in March, as many suspect, it looks like we know what a likely launch candidate is going to be!


Paper Mario Dutch release date

There’s a rumor on ‘Nintendo 3DS blog’ that GameStop’s internal system is listing November 22 of this year as the release date for the Nintendo 3DS. A forum post – probably from a GameStop employee – says the following:

“The computers for Gamestop have added the Nintendo 3DS in the system now, along with 18 games and 14 accessories listed as available for taking pre-orders on September 29th. They also have a listed a shipping date of November 22nd. (Since postal services are out on weekends, the Nov 20/2010 Sat is the most logical release date, as the orders would be delivered on Monday the 22nd).”

Could the Nintendo 3DS really be on our store shelves in a mere two months time? That would be quite a feat for Nintendo indeed. There’s only 12 days left until we know for sure!



Nintendo 3DS in April?

An article on VG Tribune is claiming that an inside source close to the site is telling them that North America can expect the 3DS to launch in April 2011. Considering Nintendo has already stated that the system will be available in all territories by March, I don’t know how accurate this source is.

This is what the source had to say:

”Based on our working with Nintendo and the current inventory on hand on the existing models of DS, DSi, and DSi XLs, I don’t think they will release new system in the United States [this year].”

I’m filing this under yet another rumor leading up to the big reveal at the end of the month. Once everything is official we can put all of these rumors to rest.


As we get closer to September 29, more rumors seem to be popping up regarding the release date of the Nintendo 3DS. The latest one comes in the form of a possible Nintendo title releasing this year. And not just any title either. We’re talking a launch-caliber first party game in Paper Mario.

This information is coming from a French source that got the details from a Japanese newspaper, so this should definitely still be considered a rumor. The name of the publication source is the “Asahi Shimbun Nippon” newspaper, and they are apparently claiming that Paper Mario 3DS is scheduled to be advertised and sold in Japan before 2010 is out.

A 2010 release for the Nintendo 3DS with Paper Mario as one of the launch titles would be huge.  There’s no way the 3DS could release without at least one AAA title, and Paper Mario easily fills that role.

Below is  an image of the article in question. I don’t understand anything it says, but judging from the pictures on display, one can tell that the focus of the story appears to be the 25th Anniversary Super Mario Collection Pack. How Paper Mario for the 3DS factors into that is anyone’s guess, so at this point I’m not putting too much weight behind this rumor.

Paper Mario 2010 rumor


A small update on the Keys Factory release date leak rumor…

kotaku has posted the following:

“A spokesperson for KeysFactory has told Kotaku that Amano was an employee, but left the company at the end of August. What’s more, the spokesperson added that the company has not been informed of the Nintendo 3DS’s release date.”

An official denial was pretty much a must in a situation like this. Even if Keys Factory does know the launch date of the Nintendo 3DS, they can’t admit it in any way, shape, or form. If they’re working with Nintendo in any matter, there are confidentiality agreements in place that would open Keys Factory up to major lawsuits if they ever breached any agreements with Nintendo.