There’s a rumor on ‘Nintendo 3DS blog’ that GameStop’s internal system is listing November 22 of this year as the release date for the Nintendo 3DS. A forum post – probably from a GameStop employee – says the following:

“The computers for Gamestop have added the Nintendo 3DS in the system now, along with 18 games and 14 accessories listed as available for taking pre-orders on September 29th. They also have a listed a shipping date of November 22nd. (Since postal services are out on weekends, the Nov 20/2010 Sat is the most logical release date, as the orders would be delivered on Monday the 22nd).”

Could the Nintendo 3DS really be on our store shelves in a mere two months time? That would be quite a feat for Nintendo indeed. There’s only 12 days left until we know for sure!



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