Siliconera has posted their impressions of Ridge Racer 3DS, and by the sounds of things it’s falling a bit short of expectations. With any new system will come a fair share of ‘ports’, looking to use existing assets on new hardware hoping to lure in those new to the game. That could just be the case here, with this said about the game’s graphics:

“The game’s visuals were the most disappointing aspect of the game. They barely look on par with the PSP version of Ridge Racer released six years ago (if not worse looking), and the 3D effect is underwhelming and underutilized.”

It’s still early to pass full judgement on this title so far in advance of its release, but unless things improve I think there will be a quite a few games ahead of this one on my ‘most wanted’ list of Nintendo 3DS games.

Ridge Racer for Nintendo 3DS

Impressions here

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