The 3DS may have been the first device to bring the idea of a stereoscopic glasses-free 3D display to the masses, but it will certainly have a lot of company before too long. In recent days, we’ve been hit with a wave of announcements detailing upcoming devices with 3D displays from a lot of the big players.

Companies with upcoming 3D devicesWhat are some of these devices, you ask? Let’s start with ViewSonic. They have announced that at the IFA event in Berlin this September, we can expect to see a 3D camcorder with 3D display, a 3D still camera, and a 3D photo frame. That’s right… a 3D photo frame. How that will be practical is anybody’s guess!

Then there’s Nokia and Intel, who have announced a joint venture that will research 3D interfacing technology that could see holographic 3D integrated into mobile devices.

Want more? How about Toshiba, who is rumored to be launching a 3D TV that requires no glasses by the end of this year. Who saw that coming? Could glasses-free TVs soon make existing 3D sets that need glasses look silly? Oh, and Sony is also rumored to be doing the same thing.

There are also 3D tablets coming, courtesy of Rockchip and Sharp. Both are glasses-free, of course.

As it stands, Nintendo still has the only glasses-free gaming device coming to market, but they will certainly have a lot of company when it comes to other hi-tech devices. Will they steal some of the 3DS’ thunder? Time will tell.

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