Some interesting info has shown up on regarding Rayman 3D for Nintendo 3DS. According to their listing, the game will be an adaptation of Rayman 2 for Sega Dreamcast – which they site as the favorite version among audiences and critics.

While this is a bit of a downer for those hoping for an all-new 3D adventure, they do say that there has been “significant” improvements to the gameplay and graphics, including 3D and use of the analog stick.

Here is some more info they list:

A great diversity of environments. Progress in 45 areas set across 13 regions of Rayman’s world. Uncover the whole universe in 3D during +/-15 hours of fun.

Elaborate action-based character movements. Run, climb, jump, swim, fly, loop-the-loop and even water-ski to escape from the threat! Rayman did not lose any of his famous abilities such as flying as an helicopter using his hair!

rayman 3ds boxart


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