Kotaku has an informative question and answer article on their site. Here is an excerpt:

The system’s power cord seemed kinda short. Should we be worried?

No. Nintendo’s Trinen said that the short 3DS cord shown recently in Japan was only “for illustrative purposes only.” Power cords from the DSi or DSiXL will also plug into the 3DS.

The 3DS seems like a pretty capable machine. One of its less ballyhooed features is that you can multi-task with it. How does that work?

A 3DS owner user can suspend any game they are playing at any point and access one of several options (all displayed across the top of the screen) that let them access a virtual notepad, a web browser and even a friends list that lets them see who else is online. As for how useful this might be: “Specifically for an example with Zelda,” Nintendo’s Trinen says, “If you’re stuck in the water temple and you’re trying to figure out where the last of the switches are that you have to hit to draw the water level down and get all the way down to the boss, you can immediately hit the home button, bring up the browser, go to whatever tip site you want to go to, figure out where that is, then switch over to the game notes, draw a map on your screen to refer to or go right back into the game.” All of this can be done with the game suspended, which is superior level of support for multi-tasking than any game machine has ever offered before.

Their online store will be better and full of 3D stuff?

From what we’ve seen so far, yes. It will include screenshots and trailers for games and movies. Pre-recorded content, like trailers, won’t support the system’s full slider-friendly adjustable 3D. Players can either turn the 3D on or off. This limitation won’t affect new downloaded games, which can be in full slider-adjusted 3D. But for pre-recorded stuff like trailers — and maybe movies, though we’re not 100% certain on that — 3D will be an on-off thing. There’s zero indication that some of the retro downloads on the 3DS from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color line will be offered with any sort of 3D support.


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