Some noteworthy developer quotes have made it to Nintendo Power magazine and reported on Planet 3DS. Here are what some of them had to say:

“3DS rocks! I was backstage at the press conference and, like, every new feature was unbelievable! I knew it was 3D, but it’s got a 3D camera?! I can [potentially] watch 3D movies without glasses?! If he had said it had a phone in it, I would have stormed the stage and stolen the prototype. It’s unbelievable. I was telling some guys from Nintendo yesterday: I want the first one off the line. I’m not waiting for the second. I want the first one off the line. It’s unbelievable.”
– Warren Spector, VP & creative director, Junction Point

“I dig it! It’s like having a crisp little 3D diorama in your hands. Also, send over a handful to me early, please.” – Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director, Epic Games

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