Nintendo of Europe interviewed game producer, Shinichi Kasahara, who gave his opinion of the Nintendo 3DS.

Here is an excerpt of that interview:

Nintendo of Europe: … what are your thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS?

Shinichi Kasahara: Before checking out the Nintendo 3DS personally I had my doubts because 3D could be quite hard on a small screen. But I have to say, upon seeing it and trying it out I was really, really impressed. Not only does it really allow a full 3D experience, it doesn’t cheapen it just because it’s smaller. It’s real 3D imagery, but also it has brand new elements, not just the visual effect. There are a lot of things we have to work out, but we are very excited and we think this console has a bright future in terms of developing software for it.

Shinichi Kasahara

Full interview

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