In the September 2010 issue of Nintendo Power, results from the monthly players’ poll show that besides 3D, the most exciting feature of the 3DS is its improved graphics. I’m not too surprised that this won out over the other five choices, considering the system’s graphics look like such a marked improvement over the current generation DS.

Per the poll, the most exciting features, ordered from most to least, were:

  1. Improved graphics
  2. Slide pad
  3. The ability to take 3D photos
  4. Motion & gyro sensors
  5. Widescreen top screen
  6. Telescoping stylus

What I did find a surprise was that the motion/gyro sensors and widescreen lost out to the ability to take 3D photos. Sure it will be quite cool to snap some 3D photos for a while, but I don’t see that as a largely used feature compared to the other options. The 3DS’ widescreen will make those improved graphics look all the nicer and can be enjoyed with every game you play. The motion and gyro sensors will likely be employed by a large number of games over the lifespan of the system. But will people really be taking 3D photos a few weeks after first buying their 3DS?

Detailed poll results here

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