Peter Moore, EA sports head, was reported on CVG as saying he doesn’t think that gamers want to “sacrifice” games played at 60 frames per second, even if they have the 3D feature.

Here’s a quote from what he had to say:

“I’ve seen a couple of our games running in 3D [behind closed doors]. There are some cool moments, but there is a cost for my development teams to do it. There is a tax on the hardware – you know, you need two cameras. There is a frame-rate issue… you’ve got to bring it back up again. I don’t think gamers want to sacrifice a smooth frame-rate – in other words, games that are currently running at 60fps going down to 30 just for 3D. The other thing is, you’ve got to be able to play the game. You play FIFA from a top-down perspective. You play Madden from a top-down perspective. The higher the camera is, the less the impact of 3D happens to be.”

It was also reported that he said it was too early for him to make up his mind about 3D. Surely, when they see the popularity of the new system, EA will have second thoughts about this.

Peter Moore

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