As we get closer to September 29, more rumors seem to be popping up regarding the release date of the Nintendo 3DS. The latest one comes in the form of a possible Nintendo title releasing this year. And not just any title either. We’re talking a launch-caliber first party game in Paper Mario.

This information is coming from a French source that got the details from a Japanese newspaper, so this should definitely still be considered a rumor. The name of the publication source is the “Asahi Shimbun Nippon” newspaper, and they are apparently claiming that Paper Mario 3DS is scheduled to be advertised and sold in Japan before 2010 is out.

A 2010 release for the Nintendo 3DS with Paper Mario as one of the launch titles would be huge.  There’s no way the 3DS could release without at least one AAA title, and Paper Mario easily fills that role.

Below is  an image of the article in question. I don’t understand anything it says, but judging from the pictures on display, one can tell that the focus of the story appears to be the 25th Anniversary Super Mario Collection Pack. How Paper Mario for the 3DS factors into that is anyone’s guess, so at this point I’m not putting too much weight behind this rumor.

Paper Mario 2010 rumor


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