Fishing Guide for Animal Crossing New Leaf

Are you having trouble finding all the fish in Animal Crossing New Leaf? If so, you need to watch the following video to find them.

It gives the name of the fish, where they are located, what season you find them in, the time of day they’re available, their shadow size,  and also their value.
Check it out:

On March 20, Nintendo will be realeasing 2 new colors for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The colors are light blue and gloss pink.

An added feature will be a 4GB SD card instead of the 2GB SD card which was included in the older model.

There is still no news on if or when these models will be coming to the U.S.

Apparently, the price will remain the same as the original system.

New Colors for Nintendo 3DS


Source: New colors for Nintendo 3DS

Luigi is coming back to hunt a new variety of new ghosts with his Poltergust 500 in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. There will be puzzles to solve and several mansions to search through.

You can play as a single player but there is also an online multiplayer option.

Check out the trailer below:

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HomeTown StoryDetails have been revealed about a new game for the 3DS, HomeTown Story. At this time, it is over 50% completed.

The creator, Yasuhiro Wada, stated that he hopes it will be released later this year. This title was originally named Project Happiness but the name has been officially changed to HomeTown Story.

The basic concept is that you will be helping improve a failing store to a full productive one. Many characters visit the store with stories of their own. Eventually, your character will find relationships with the other townsfolk.

Here is the trailer:


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For all Resident Evil fans out there starting March 7 you’ll be able to download Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for the great price of $20.

Just go to the North American Nintendo eShop to get your copy.


Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

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Harvest Moon: A New BeginningIf you’re thinking of getting a game for your 3DS, you may want to check out Harvest Moon: A New Beginning from Natsume. If you liked the previous versions, you’ll really like this one. Even if you’ve never tried out the Harvest Moon series before, this game will soon get you addicted. 

It does start out a little slow, but there is a lot to learn about Echo Village, the town where you live. You’ll need to pay attention to all the details, some of which will come in useful later on in the game.  

When you start playing Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Echo Village has a very small population and the town needs a complete renovation. It is up to you to revive the town by planting crops, raising animals and adding features like trees, street lights, bushes, etc. 

Highlights for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • Can customize not only the farm and town but also the main character
  • You will get to date and marry one of the other single characters in the game
  • You can buy blueprints and the materials to build various necessities for you and the town
  • There are different festivals where you can compete with your crops or animals


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Mario Tennis Open has some good points and some bad. Here are some of the features:

  • 13 characters competing in tennis tournaments
  • 3-match tournaments
  • six types of shots: simple, topspin, flat, slice, lob, and drop shot
  • with gyro controls on, the game takes control of your player
  • when tilting 3DS downwards, you lose control method

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Check out the video below, then go to the Luigi’s Mansion-Dark Moon game review through the link.

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