If you were a fan of Nintendogs + Cats for the DS, you’ll be a bigger fan of the new release for the 3DS. It even includes a whole new species – cats! Cubed3 gives a detailed account of a hands-on experience at E3 in London – though the felines aren’t in the current demo build just yet. Pet lovers who haven’t had the chance to play this game may be turned into avid buffs after seeing the incredible graphics in 3D. The improvement is apparently very noticeable over the previous version due to the display, which improves the realism of the game. Described as ‘adorable’ the dogs appear realistic with padded paws and soft coats of fur.

Since this positive review was of a short demo, and the actual game hasn’t been completed yet, I’m sure there’ll be even more features of the 3DS used to make a real impression on enthusiasts.


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