An article on Bloomberg states that Nintendo reported a 15% drop in profit in the 2nd quarter. It is presumed that consumers are waiting for the Nintendo 3DS rather than buying a DS. Sales of Wii consoles and software are also down.

This slump is probably due to “the deteriorating profit trend,” stated games analyst, Jay Defibaugh. He also said that Nintendo is on, “a slippery slope for both of their key product lines, DS and Wii,” and “It’s been harder than people realized for Nintendo to make the transition between the DS and the 3DS.”

Yoshihiro Mori, senior managing director of Nintendo, stated, “I don’t think the announcement of the 3DS had much effect on second-quarter earnings. We decided not to release the 3DS this year because we didn’t have enough.”

Will 3DS sales help increase Nintendo’s profit next year? Only time will tell.

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