In an interview, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, spoke to Reuters about the Nintendo 3DS.

He made this comment:

“The Nintendo 3DS will provide a 3D gaming experience that these other companies cannot. That’s going to be a huge competitive advantage.”

“Even today on your mobile device of choice, for you to download a piece of content, you need to take the action,” he said. “We’re recognizing that a key opportunity is for the device to do it on its own.”

Arvind Bhatia, Sterne Agee analyst, also made this statement:

“Once it comes out, it’s going to have a few quarters of strong momentum and it’s going to provide a catalyst for the stock.”

Although hope is high for the 3DS, it won’t be released until next year which will be after the busy holiday season, so it won’t raise Nintendo out of its sales slump this year.


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