The games blog on has posted their impressions of their hands-on time with Nintendo’s 3DS, calling it impressive, but not perfect.

“I recently had some hands-on time with 3DS and was hugely impressed, if not quite as blown away as I had expected.”

Reasons for the lack of perfection? Well, they note that if you’re not looking face-on at the 3DS, blurring becomes an issue. We’ve heard this mentioned before, with others noting the device’s “sweet spot” being key to the 3D effects. What surprised me most was a negative point that the build quality wasn’t as good as they expected, noting the 3D slider in particular feeling cheap and flimsy. Now this isn’t something that’s brought up too often, but not totally out of the ordinary for early revisions of hardware. Let’s hope any quality issues don’t make their way into the final product.

The author was most impressed with the Pilotwings demo, which is nice to hear.  It sounds like this will be a great title for showing off some impressive 3D. I found it interesting to read that the sense of speed in the Mario Kart demo was heightened. Whether that will carry over into actual gameplay is yet to be seen, but little things like this get me itching to try out a few games on the device!

Full hands-on impressions

Red Nintendo 3DS

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