The Inquirer had a chance to try out the 3DS recently, and have posted their ‘First Inqpressions’. Get it? Inqpressions… Inquirer.

Anyway, though they did say the effects of the 3D were very impressive, they also note that the effect is achieved by using two front mounted cameras – which we know is not the case. The system does indeed have the two aforementioned cameras, but they are solely used to take pictures and not to actually render the 3D effect you see in the games.

This quote caught my attention as well:

“…the 3D does look like it could be a very important factor in getting Nintendo back as one of the kings of handheld gaming.”


Unless I’m mistaken, Nintendo has proudly held the title of handheld gaming king since the days of the GameBoy. And it’s not a title I see them giving up any time soon either. The 3DS has all but ensured they’ll be at the top of the heap for years to come.

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