If you’ve been wondering if you’ll get to use your Game Boy Advance games on the 3DS, Hubpages states that you’ll be disappointed to know that you won’t. Unlike the previous versions of the DS, Nintendo has not made room for a game slot on the 3DS to fit GBA games. They also said that this is not surprising considering all the new amazing features that have been crammed into the new system.

But, they do say there is an upside to this and that GBA game downloads will be available to use on the new system. So, according to this report, you’ll be able to connect to Nintendo’s 3DS online store and purchase GBA games, which will be playable on your 3DS. For those of you who have a long-time favourite game, this could be the best solution. But maybe you should consider putting them to rest to accommodate all the exciting new games coming out for the new handheld.

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