andriasang reports that in a Q & A discussion last week, game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto talked with investors about Mario games for the 3DS.

Miyamoto explained that the 3D visual effects give players the feeling of involvement with more freedom and choice. He also added, “When asked ‘what will we do on 3DS,’ the answer is, of course, we’ll make both. They both have their own appeal. The 3DS’s 3D effect also “gives a great feeling of existence to Mario, Link and others.

He also pointed out that depth-based effects can already be seen in 2D Mario games, such as Wiggler, and Bullet Bill and he commented, “It’s difficult to tell when they will hit the player, so we were only able to use these lightly. However, we’ll be able to use this type of thing quite a bit on the 3DS.”

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