Here are a few things video game designer, Hideki Konno, had to say about the Nintendo 3DS:

“… with Nintendo 3DS, I think because the software side was involved right early on, one of our goals was to build into the system that initial appeal for consumers; that initial inspiration, how to engage them right out of the box.

And one of the ways the software team decided to do that was look at what the hardware is offering — the gyro sensor, the motion sensor, and other functionality — and make the pre-installed applications take advantage of those in such a way that again, right from the very beginning, you open it up and you’re engaged. And I think that’s probably the software side influence on the development.

And I guess really I end up starting to talk about some of the more technical things, and I think the conversation gets back to technology. For example, StreetPass and SpotPass, just having that technology within the device is different than having the software team say, ‘Here are the ideas with which we want to use this technology.’

So that then influences, in a way, how that is implemented and even developed. ‘Oh, you guys wanna use it for this? Well in that case we’re going to have to make sure that the functionality works in this way.’ So it does influence the technology and how it’s implemented as well. And also because it works in sleep mode — again, the coordination between all of those different aspects influences, again, the technology.

I think really what you see in a lot of cases is they build the hardware system — ‘Here’s your hardware system, now go build software for it! Yay!’ But in this case, because we have this operating system built right in, we really need the joint cooperation of the hardware and software teams.

The working together, again, influenced it. Not only the software development team’s ideas and desires and needs influence the hardware team — not only implements the technology that’s available to them, but also influences the way they come up with the initial design and the housing and everything. So they all work together.”


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