Vooks interviews Nic Watt of Nnooo, makers of myNotebook. He gives his impression of the Nintendo 3DS and an insight to what his plans are for future games for the handheld.

Here’s a segment of that interview:

V: Nintendo’s new 3DS has generated a lot of positive buzz. How exciting is it for a developer like Nnooo to see this new technology and have you had any imaginative game ideas for the handheld?

NW: We were blown away by the 3DS at E3 it really is better than we expected. We have a lot of great ideas for the device from hi-definition 3D versions of our myLifeCollected range; new 3D versions of Spirit Hunters Inc.; to brand new game concepts which we hope to start work on early next year! There is a lot still to find out about the 3DS including how the online functionality will work and whether there will there be ‘3DSWare’ and if so what form it will take. It is going to be an exciting time in the run up to launch we imagine!

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