In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Ted Newman, Creative Director of n-Space, states that although he can’t say anything officially about the 3DS, they are really excited about this amazing system.

Nintendo World Report: Since n-Space has been all over the DS, have you thought about the 3DS at all?

TN: We saw the 3DS at E3. We were lucky enough to bump into Hideki Konno, who was the producer initially on Geist and also is the father of the 3DS. Konno-san ushered us into the 3DS area and skipped the line on the first day. It was just one of those things where everybody who sees it says the same thing. You have to see if to believe it.

So, we can’t officially talk about anything 3DS-wise, so I can’t confirm or deny anything, but I can just say we’re really, really excited about it. I think it’s going to sell amazingly well, and it’s an amazing system. I mean, ignoring the 3D effect, just how powerful it is. People are going to have their minds blown.


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