Details of a very interesting interview with Tatsuya Kitabayashi, producer of Mega Man Legends 3, has surfaced on Protodude’s Rockman Corner. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Capcom is well aware of the demand for the original voice cast to return, namely Rob Smith (Teisel Bonne). They want to involve these voice actors in some way but will be revealing more details about this soon.
  • The game’s story is still in development; nothing is set in stone. However, Kitabayashi did confirm the game will continue after the events of Legends 2; he promises we won’t be left hanging. On a related note, Capcom is considering having fans that are writers come up with “episodes” for the game. (Episodes? First time we’ve heard about that…)
  • Kitabayashi couldn’t talk about how big of a role the new heroine will have but alluded that she’s just as important as Roll and Tron.
  • The game will utilize the 3DS touch screen; wouldn’t divulge how it would be used. Bear in mind, the touch screen does not support 3D.
  • The character designs have improved since ten years ago, but they’re still the same characters you all know and love. Capcom will actually be releasing images of the cast very soon.
  • Yes, Tron and the Servbots are back. Kitabayashi (jokingly) said there might be more Servbots this time around…

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