Fabrice Cuny, the producer of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for the Nintendo 3DS, answered some questions from GameSpot UK about the game.

Here’s a excerpt from the interview:

GSUK: Can you tell us about what Splinter Cell 3DS will offer longtime fans of the series?

FC: SC3D offers a true Splinter Cell experience with all the possibilities to experiment with different ways of playing, from the classic light-and-shadow gameplay combined with the use of all the gadgets to distract or eliminate enemies silently to a more offensive gameplay using weapons Sam acquires during his missions. We also made ​​changes to enhance the experience. For example, we have a brand new mode of vision, thanks to the Fusion Goggles, but I won’t spoil it for you…and 3D texts inspired by the Conviction art style that guide the player through his journey and important narrative moments.

GSUK: Other than 3D graphics, does Splinter Cell 3DS use any of the handheld’s other features, such as its cameras or gyroscope?

FC: Other than 3D graphics–available almost everywhere in our game, even in the loading screen–we wanted to use the gyroscope. We thought that the best solution for the game would be to combine it with the optic cable gameplay, and the experience is great. Being able to tilt and yaw the console in order to study the next room for possible encounters is really immersive.

Also, the 3DS kept the touch screen, which is a great addition for our Splinter Cell. We’ve designed the touch screen so the player will control everything related to the tactics and the preparation of the action. Thanks to his thumbs, the player is able to select his weaponry and gadgets. The design of the touch screen was a very interesting challenge, and I think that the team has done a great job with it. I’m convinced that this interface will make the game intuitive and easy to play.

GSUK: Did you find it hard to make a compelling 3D experience knowing that the game still had to be good with the 3D turned off?

FC: 3D games are challenging for this reason, so we stuck to the following creative direction, which was “make the experience enhanced, whether the 3D slider is turned on or off.” Then, the core of the game is a classic Splinter Cell game, but with the 3D on, you have more depth while aiming, you have enhanced grenade aiming, you have more fun exploring the world.

GSUK: Where to next for Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series?

FC: I can’t tell you anything for now, but watch your back.


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